Morality of the Bible

Is the Bible moral? A popular YouTube atheist, thunderf00t, illustrates the morality of the bible eloquently. This is a transcript from his video. Here is  the video:

in the bible, it’s not god that picks up the sword and plunges it into the living flesh of children until they die from extreme physical trauma. It’s the believers that do that. It’s the Sey and the Eric Hovinds of their day.

“Let me tell you something. For hundreds and thousands of years, this kind of discussion would have been, in most places, impossible to have. Or Sam [Harris] and I would be having it at the risk of our lives. Religion comes to us with this smiley face; in an ingratiating way, because it’s had to give so much ground, and we know so much more. But you have no right to forget the way it behaved when it was strong and it really did believe that it had god on its side.” – Christopher Hitchens

Tell me sir, if you had been part of israel’s army, slaughtering the children for god, what is the best way to kill a 10 year old girl for god? A terrified ten year old shaking with fear at the blood curdling screams of the other children being slaughtered. Begging for her life; pleading to be spared, tears streaming down her cheeks. Pleading not to be killed like her mom and dad, as mommy and daddy’s blood drip from your sword. A child sobbing that “I just want to live.” now, current leading christian theologians are quite clear on this matter. It would be absolutely immoral to spare the life of this child.

“… And I think you can make sense of this through a divine command morality, which says that our moral duties are constituted by god’s commands so that when he issues commands to us, these become our moral duties. Moreover, if you believe as I do in the salvation of infants or children who die, what that meant was that these — the… that the death of these children meant their salvation. They were the recipients of an infinite good as a result of their earthly phase of life being terminated.” – William Lane Craig, Christian Apologist

so really, anyone who endorses this sort of slaughter, as in the bible, as a moral action…

“there had to be another solution. The solution was to kill the children. And what did god do? What did he accomplish in doing so? Well, a military strategy that was successful.” – Evan Phillips, Christian Apologist

Those who believe that killing a helpless child for god is a moral act, indeed that you are blessing this child with an infinite good by terminating its earthly phase of life. Tell me, what is the absolutely moral, biblically correct way to slaughter a helpless child begging for her life? The moral standard that can only come from a biblical worldview?

“I show that the basis of morality must be from the god of scripture.” – Unknown Christian Apologist

Would you stab her in the face? Cut her throat? Stab her in the side of the head? Stab her through the back, disembowel her, let her die slowly? And after you’ve inflicted the mortal wound and the life fades from her terrified eyes, do you feel joy knowing that in terminating this girl’s earthly phase of life, you are blessing this girl with an infinite good? These are the actions of believers in the bible. actions supported and endorsed as absolutely moral. As proof that god exists because they’re so absolutely moral of modern christian theologians. And when terrified screams of the helpless children being massacred grew less, and eventually silence fell over the blood bath, good, god-fearing men full in the knowledge that whatever god said was just with a smile on their face and a tune in their heart that had delivered this infinite good to so many children wiped the blood from their swords. If you can justify this as good, is there anything left to call evil?