The Manson Murders

The Manson murders started august 8th, 1969. He spent the previous few months trying to desensitize them to death, so they’d be more willing to kill or commit suicide if ordered to. The first murder was Gary Hinman. He was stabbed, tortured, and had his ears cut off. One of the members, Bobby Beausoleil, was selling drugs he bought off of Gary. The buyers thought they were bad and demanded retribution. 2 girls from the Manson family drove over to Hinman’s house with bobby. Manson showed up wit ha samurai sword and convinced bobby to kill Hinman as a sign of devotion and masculinity. He did it out of fear.

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Catholicism’s Extremism Score Card

I had a fan meetup recently, and much to my surprise, I had LOTS of ex catholics show up. Catholicism has roughly been on my radar for a while but I haven’t really paid much attention to it. I did a video about it a while back but I took it down because I felt like my views on catholicism have changed since I released it, but after talking to some ex-catholic fans and reading up on the religion more, I decided it’s time to address catholicism. Is it a cult? Let’s get into it.

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What’s The Difference Between A Religion And A Cult?

I’ve heard people say, “in a cult, there’s one guy at the top that knows it’s a scam. In a religion, that person is dead.” Basically saying that all religions are cults. So what IS the difference between a cult and a religion? Is it that cut and dry? Let’s talk about what all cults have in common, and how they’re different from religions. Let’s get into it.

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