How To Get Prayers Answered

Pastor Shane is here to tell us how to get prayers answered. His solution: Pray for what you know is going to happen. Problem solved. And if god doesn’t grant your wishes, it’s because it wasn’t his will. So cool it.


Thom Hartmann Debates Atheist

Thom Hartmann debates an atheist and fails miserably. He dances around definitions and argues himself into a corner a couple of times. I really like Thom Hartmann with regards to political matters, but he needs to stay out of religion. Seriously.


Ted Cruz anointed by God to be President

I’ve gotten a ton of hate for this video. Seriously. People HATED me for making this video. It started out as hate because I was getting kind of political, but in the end, it was the christians that hated me the most. I’m still getting vicious christian comments on this.

Reza Aslan Hates Atheists

This was my first video ever. It wasn’t particularly good. I didn’t have a decent microphone and I didn’t really have a plan for it. But it’s a piece of history now, isn’t it? So here it is.