Donating To The Trevor Project

In May, I advertised that I would donate $6 for every 2020 rainbow dumpster fire candle holder sold. The time has come to make the donation! Four candle holders were sold, so the $24 donation will be processed within the next week. Come back for following updates.

UPDATE: Donation processed!

UPDATE: The campaign has come to an end! Making the final donation!

The campaign has come to an end, and we had 8 more candle holder sales! Here’s a record of the transactions for the month of July. Donation receipts will be coming soon

Here’s the receipt for the final donation in the campaign! Hopefully this helps somebody. Thanks to everybody who showed their support by buying the candle holders. It was a complete success. And maybe we can do something similar in the future.

Total donation amount (not counting processing fees) over the course of the two month campaign: $72.00

The Extremism Gradient

Fear Of Retribution

I’ll be talking about groups which are viewed as extremist. I hear similar claims from opposing sides about each other. The colloquial “SJW’s” hate “Anti-SJW’s” because they use extensive propaganda in the form of memes. They have unquestioning loyalty to a set of ideas, they reject information that’s critical of the ideology, etc. I hear the same arguments from Anti-SJW’s about SJW’s. There are common patterns running through these types of groups, and I’m going to detail them here.

This is just a way for you to recognize extreme thinking and behavior in yourself, whether or not you feel the criticisms I level toward specific groups are justified. This is not an indictment of any one group I name, or any single member within that group. It’s possible that you’re a member of one of the groups I list and you aren’t extreme. If that’s the case, great. Congratulations. You don’t have anything to think about here. Just sit back and enjoy the rest of this. If you come in here and get defensive about the things I’m saying, I suggest you take a critical look at your system of beliefs and behaviors and ask yourself why you feel this applies to you, and why it might be best to change it.

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